Eye of the Sun – herbal teas, energetic oils, bath salts, pyramids 2017-03-05T13:27:42+00:00

Eye of the Sun invites you to step out of the everyday… to a world where goddesses rule, shamans journey, the veil is thin and spirits guide us. The air has a different vibration, senses are stimulated, intuition is always trusted and everything is possible.

As herbal alchemists, we are committed to providing products and services that work with ancient subtle energies to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We want to help you find your unique spark and realise your potential!

Eye of the Sun provides a range of special hand-blended vibrational herb teas, energetic oil blends and other deliciously dynamic products designed to help you find your balance, motivation and insight; to heal; to expand your boundaries and achieve your dreams, desires and goals.

Besides our Herbal Tea and Essential Oil Blends we also specialise in one-on-one consultations and creating personalized blends that reflects your unique qualities. Leonie works intuitively to tune into your guides and your energy to compose a blend that fits who and where you are right now.

Crystals, pyramid energy, channelled ancient energy, symbols, mantras, music, sound, positive affirmations and universal love are employed in the creation of each individual product. The results are a joy to experience!